The BJJ Ranking System Explained


White belt is where everyone starts out at. Many people think of being a white belt, estima lock, is something that is bad but the truth of the matter is that Masters are created in the beginning. Your ability to learn the fundamentals, to have a good attitude, to train hard, to listen and take in information will benefit you from day one and throughout your training and Brazilian jujitsu, Claudio Calasans.


The blue belt is the second belt in the Brazilian jujitsu progression system. A blue belt will have a variety of skills that they will be able to use competitively both in sport and in combat. It is a good achievement for the beginning Brazilian jujitsu student and with the right focus, training, hard work and skill development it is a belt that is very easy for a dedicated student to achieve.


A purple belt in Brazilian jujitsu showcases that a student is now an intermediate level student. This student will have a lot of skill that they will be able to showcase the varying amount of partners. It typically is required for a student to spend at least two years at the blue belt before graduating to a purple belt. It is quite an accomplishment and it will take a lot of hard work to get here but if you are willing to do the work, becoming a purple belt is something that is in your future.


Brown belts are very advanced Brazilian jujitsu practitioners. They are highly skilled and they can teach a variety of students. You will find many professional fighters who are Brown belts who can do very well in competitive matches. This is a very high-level accomplishment and it will take several years to get here but if you are in Brazilian jujitsu for life it is something that you will achieve.


Mastery is now yours, but your learning will never end. Achieving a black belt in Brazilian jujitsu shows that you have been very dedicated, you have mastered many different skills, you can teach others, you have a strong work ethic, you have put in the necessary time and hard work. It is one of the greatest achievements in Brazilian jujitsu.

As you can see it will take a wild to progress from belt to belt but achieving a belt alone should never be your main concern. Become a better person in developing your skills should be your primary focus.